Bouncing between the two

Ok, try and stay with me here. I planned on more about me, but also jumped in with a tour recently. The tour,  is not me going around the USA. (I’m not famous y’all).  The tour,  was set up by one of my sons girlfriends for my youngest sons birthday. The news stations weather center! […]

Looking back part 1

I’ve had some messages asking more about me. Honestly, when I get together with family, the scab gets ripped off and an old wound reopened. Some of you have known me since birth. Some since school. Some, more recent. Those that know me through school and some recent, really don’t know much about my life […]


Ok! So, not sure what’s going on as my app has seemed to of disappeared! What’s been up. Well. EVERYTHING. Ah autism. It loves to throw it’s curve balls! We ran into a major problem. Sleep. Or lack thereof. Like. No sleep. The straw that broke the camel’s back was when little dude woke up […]

Giraffe vagina

Caught your attention right. For a little over a month, the world, (myself included), have been tuning into a live feed of a famous pregnant giraffe.  I have never, in my life, ever thought, that one day, I would be addicted to staring at a giraffes vagina, waiting for hooves to poke out.  You know […]

Autism continued

So sickness went through our house big time. Me and the little passed it back and forth for what seemed like eternity.  Last week he finally got the all clear to go back. Last week meaning Thursday.  It was rough. But Friday he had an amazing day in school!  Over the weekend we did a […]


Yup. There’s that word. The diagnosis. The one that seems to be crammed down everyone’s throat, right? Well, of course! I am a mom to a beautiful, loving, big blue eyed little boy. I am also a mom to a fighting, kicking, screaming, object throwing, hair ripping out, punching little boy. They are not two […]

The ew

By now, I’m sure the flu, or one type of virus that’s going around has hit you, your home or someone you know. It is no joke! Last weekend I met my one sons girlfriend.  Such a sweetheart! And by Monday,  everyone was sick. For me, I couldn’t even walk. My legs were in so […]